Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tortured Metaphors and Faith

A rather large tear has ruined my beautiful quilt. Jagged and uncompromising, it offers a window to the turmoil beneath.

Do I unstitch the whole square or do I just darn the hole?

Life is not meant to be smooth sailing, there are currents and rapids to endure; as I go through those right now I haven take pause to wonder whether or not I am handling it correctly.

I have friends who have blind faith; faith in God or faith in other beliefs. As the maelstroms of life toss those friends about, I see them clinging on to their faith; even through pained eyes they are steadfast; “everything happens for a reason” or “it is God’s will”.

Whether or not it is through that faith that I see them at a later stage, in calmer waters, buoyed through the storm remains a mystery to me. But I know they believe that God saw them through.

At my end, I spend my time painstakingly stitching the tears together, mindful that what once was a beautiful flat surface is now marred by evidence that something ugly traversed through its very fabric, seeking to undo the threads that hold it together. Each stitch is a reminder of what has passed and testament to my endurance. Some stitches are painful to gaze upon.

So, would it not be better if I too believed in a God of miracles? A God who would toss me in the fire, them pull me out, stronger than before? Or am I safe in rolling up my sleeves and doing damage control myself?